This 36″ x 36″ acrylic painting on canvas depicts bathers surrounded by palmettes and shells.

Mardi Gras Dukes

I love Mardi Gras.  I created this image so that the pageantry, mystery and excitement of Mardi Gras could be displayed year-round.  This 30″ x 30″ acrylic painting on canvas depicts masked and mounted dukes tossing doubloons.dukes

Buddha Belly

This 24″ x 24″ acrylic painting on canvas depicts the greatest bar in any universe, Igor’s Buddha Belly Bar and Grill.

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Back a few years ago (2011) I painted a pair of castle images: one in the shape of the Army Corps of Engineers’ logo and another of my own invention.

Corps CastleSquare Castle

Nine Muses

Nine Muses is a 30″ x 30″ acrylic painting on canvas depicting each of the nine muses of Greek mythology, their name and a symbolic object.  Urania the muse of astronomy is placed near a globe and compass.  Polymnia the muse of hymns wears a veil.  Thalia the muse of comedy is placed near a comedic mask.  Calliope the muse of epic poetry holds a quill.  Euterpe the muse of music holds a pan flute.  Clio the muse of history stands near a scroll.  Melpomene the muse of tragedy shields the eyes of a tragic mask as she melts into the background.  Terpsichore the muse of dance stands near a lyre.  In the center of them all, Erato the muse of love poems stands near a graphic heart.

Nine Muses