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Dr. Adrienne McFaul’s blog contains posts about psychology, politics and news.

Congratulations to this year’s best psychology blogs.  Dr. McFaul shares ideas, news and discoveries on one of the most accessible psychology blogs on the web.  Here are my tips to make your first visit less intimidating.  This information-packed guide has the best content from

It can be overwhelming to try and figure out which is the single the best post on Dr. McFaul’s psychology blog.  When you are fresh, ready and off on your internet browsing adventure, has everything you can think of and then a whole heap more.  When someone asks me what they should know when visiting for the first time, I don’t always know where to start first.

If you are looking for news and commentary about developments in psychological science, you are in the right place.  Check out these blog posts about all things mental health, psychology and more:

Take a 44-item psychology test and find out how you measure up on the Big Five Factors of personality.

Watch a video shot live in the French Quarter on Halloween.

Learn how to play a game that will make watching commercials more fun.

Find out why Siri will never love you.

Take a current look at insightful and interesting content without getting overwhelmed.  When visiting Dr. McFaul’s blog for the first time, rookie mistakes to avoid include not having a pencil and paper handy.

Stay up-to-date on what is new, get some helpful advice and read about difficult situations.  Access practical psychology insights easily and learn about the latest trends.

You can follow more of her adventures on her photo blog here.



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