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Hey guys, what’s up?  I am going to talk to you for a second about creativity.  This is one of my first videos that I’m making with my new website. As you can see, I haven’t really upped the production value yet.  But, I want to make a really short video.  I’m enjoying these videos because they’re helping me collect my thoughts in a novel way.

And I’m working on my writing project, on my blog.  So, I want to talk a little bit about creativity.  And I’ve got a lot of things that I need to sort of crystallize.

As a statistician, as I have said, we have a saying: “It’s real when you write it down.”  I guess is the simplest way to put it.  But writing things down makes them real.  And I’ll talk about what I mean by that.

But I want to talk about creativity because it’s really so positive.  And it’s so practically useful as a tool to help deal with your emotions.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen and of “my” videos, but sometimes, you know, I’ve been struggling with being stressed.  And I’ve shown myself feel upset.  And one of the reasons why I wanted to do this is because I want to be real.  About the fact that I do struggle with feeling angry about things that to me are objectively real in my environment.  And are making me upset in a “reasonable fashion,” so to speak.  In a “logical fashion.”  And I want to show you how I’ve used some creative writing techniques to help me deal with my negative emotions.

I am a psychologist, and it’s complicated… I’m not a “clinical” psychologist.  Even though I have a background in the academic side of psychopathology, I never did the clinical hours so I don’t have a license.

But, I get a little frustrated because I feel like when I look out at the clinical landscape I see things that I would describe pretty negatively.  What I see going on- with people getting prescribed dangerous anti-depressive medications- I know what’s going on out there.  And I really am just kind of shaking my head at that practice.

And also, I’ve been kind of going through my stressful personal experiences and I’ve been “googling my problems,” which is a really fun pastime.  But you find that- I find that there is a lack of material addressing certain problems.  And then, if there is material, I find the material itself to be of a rather non-persuasive quality.

I’ve talked about kind of heavy topics in the past like suicide prevention.  And I’ve criticized some of those procedures.  But, I want to kind of introduce to you these creative writing ideas on this blog.

I think they’re fun. And I think they’re positive. And I think that they solve real problems.

So, I’ve seen people …I’ve been in a lot of art classes.  And done artsy things in the past… and I’ve seen people hesitate to paint or draw.  And I can definitely understand that people will also have the hesitation to engage in writing.  Because they’ll kind of criticize themselves heavily and maybe prevent themselves from starting.  This is one potential problem.

So, one of the fun little tricks that I use when I do painting and sometimes when I’m writing lecture material (usually its for a specific audience) but when I do painting… this is a fun thing that I like to do is:

I imagine- if I’m having a creative block or writer’s block- I imagine the painting is a gift for a specific person.  And by taking that perspective, suddenly I see what that person would want in the painting.  And it gives me… suddenly I see the right answer.  I have- it fills in the gaps in my vision.

So I want to just touch the surface of this creative writing stuff… bring up the concept and  mess with some of my videos and the technical side of posting my videos to my website.  So, thank you for hanging out!!!

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