Final Boss of the Internet

Hey guys.  You know, sometimes I get a little angry.  I get really mad and I sperg the fuck out.  It may seem like I’ve always been like this, but before becoming unemployed I was a pretty normal person.  I’m going to be honest.  It’s been a crazy journey for me that started on October 1, 2015 and that journey is the weird world of unemployment.  I hate the word “unemployment.”  I hate everything about it.  I’m so sick of hearing it and identifying with it. Especially after obtaining “replacement jobs” and going through all the motions that follow advice that starts with “…well, why don’t you just try….”

I have talked about a special metaphor that I like called “adornments” before on my vlog.  We are all adorned potatoes.  Each of us at the very least needs a name and a role.  This is a metaphor that I stole from some guy but I really like it.

I am still struggling to understand my role.  It was tough for me to go from working as a doctoral level statistician at a state humanities council to a bothersome salesman that was the target of a lot of verbal abuse.  I want to help other people as a psychologist, but things have gotten really complicated.  I still see a way for me to help people as a psychologist.  As I have mentioned, I feel that problems that once seemed scientific to me now seem political.

I hope you will join me on my shitposting journey as I try to still be a psychologist, even if I’m just a shitposting psychologist.  Maybe, the final boss of the internet is getting banned from you own website. 



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