How to Find the Bourbon Street Webcam

When you are walking on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, it can be a little disorienting for many reasons! One reason is that it can be hard to tell if you are walking northeast versus southwest because many of the blocks look similar.

But there you stand on Bourbon Street, looking for the Bourbon Street webcam.

I’m talking of course about this EarthCam here, one of many in New Orleans. This is a very fun live feed to watch on Mardi Gras day.

One general way to get your bearings is to note that the downtown skyscrapers will be visible where they stand at Bourbon Street’s southwest terminus.

It is important for tourists to New Orleans to note that all French Quarter streets change names when they intersect Canal Street. In other words, Bourbon Street is called “Bourbon Street” on one side of Canal Street, but goes by “Carondelet Street” on the other side! The same dual-naming system goes for all French Quarter streets. The reason behind this is a long backstory of historical interest that I won’t explain here. Tourists are always seen on Canal Street discovering this basic fact for themselves as they slowly pour over their maps.

So if you are looking for the webcam, then you are looking for the intersection of Bourbon Street and Rue Saint Peter (also known as St. Peter St.). As a sidenote, I find it personally a bit confusing that two streets have a “Peter” name in the Quarter. ANOTHER street, a main drag near the river, is called “North Peters Street” or “N. Peters St.” Also, just to say by the way, the triangular interection at N. Peters and Decatur can cause a little confusion for pedestrians walking southwest down Decatur (especially if you’re trying to walk to Felipe’s at 301 N. Peters for their killer margaritas). This triangular intersection is where the Bienville statue is located.

So, after you’ve got your margarita from Felipe’s in hand, you’re ready to find the Bourbon Street webcam.  If it’s not a Felipe’s margarita, then it’s bilge water, in my opinion.  And they don’t even pay me to say that.

The good news is you can use Jackson Square to find the webcam. St. Peter borders Jackson Square and you should be able to find this on a map.

Start walking from Jackson Square to Bourbon Street on St. Peter.

Do you see a sign that says “Krazy Korner”? If you’re standing right under the Krazy Korner sign, you’re in the shot but you’re really far in the background.

There is a square utility panel on the ground in the middle of the street at the intersection of Bourbon and St. Peter. Standing as near to that square as possible (but not in traffic!), look at the facade of the Cat’s Meow. (Stand in between the curb and the square panel if possible). You did it! You’re in the shot! Call your friends on their cell phones and tell them to google Bourbon Street Earthcam right that very second and they will see you.

There are multiple webcams associated with the karaoke bar the Cat’s Meow. This “Bourbon Street” cam is mounted on the front of the Cat’s Meow (701 Bourbon St.). Googling the bar’s address is probably the easiest way to find it. Stand in front of the bar and look up under the green shutters on the second floor and you will see the camera.

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