New Orleans 300 Year Anniversary | 2018 Tricentennial

The 300th anniversary of the founding of New Orleans (well, specifically a date when a certain group of colonists arrived) is this year, as you may have heard.  I wanted to post an example of my writing that happens to be about the Tricentennial.  This is the kind of text that I write to be inserted into grant requests and other “solicitation” type materials. For that reason, I think of it as advertising copy at it’s core.  Because I’ve got my marketer hat on when I write advertising copy, I must commit to one of the five American brand personalities as a first step.  I would describe the following as a piece of grant text just as much as I’d call it “Competent” type ad copy.

Yeah, I know this type of writing is a little cringey. When I first saw the other grant writers churning out stuff like this, I thought they were crazy.  But I swear it worked.  Well, here it is:

At 300 years old, New Orleans remains the complex port city once forged by French-Choctaw allied forces, positioned in Cypress forest at a precise bend in the Mississippi River and then as to this day branded by spectacles of sangfroid knotted in ecstatic expression.

Diversity is New Orleans’ bottom line. A hot potato handled by many, John Law’s Company of the West, France, Spain and the United States in turn controlled Nouvelle Orléans. Peerless, rogue and fiery, the people of New Orleans today number over 340,000 and are among the most genetically mixed across ethnic lines in the United States (Bryc et al., 2015).

Adversity is New Orleans’ burden. African and Native Americans together endured over 150 years of slavery. The Chawasha suffered annihilation. Combatants of many nations died brutally battling for control of the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Resiliency is New Orleans’ core. Proudly, we will forever wave our flag of hermetic ritual and civic celebration for the world to see. Our 300 year anniversary is New Orleans’ opportunity to herald our soaring artistry, invincible spirit and uncanny existence.

Lessons of history that go ignored are no lessons at all. Freedom without unrestrained expression is no freedom at all. The United States without New Orleans is a clipped wing, a stuttered cry, a strange face in the mirror. Please join us in introspection, remembrance and celebration as New Orleans looks back to 1718.

Bryc, K., Durand, E.Y., Macpherson, J.M., Reich, D. & Mountain, J.L. (2015). The genetic ancestry of African Americans, Latinos and European Americans across the United States. American Journal of Human Genetics, 96(1), 37-53.

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