Self-Guided Meditation One: Happy Joy

Nice initiative.

The thoughts and dreams of humanity win my heart.

The trick to learn is visualization.

I become so happy and optimistic when feeling myself like a child.

The stuff that makes me happy just arrived.

A better future is available.

I realize I have to become someone else.

I understand that I should continue loving human dreams and fantasies.

The pursuit of something greater will be the high point of my life, can’t wait.

I do my best for the people around me.

They make sure to live life to the fullest, as if everything is going to be okay no matter what happens.

Hearing ocean waves nearby somehow makes me very happy.

I have the absolute biggest fucking smile on my face.

I can empathize and be genuine.

Dispense wisdom and insight with someone that loves you.

Immerse yourself in the moment.

Fucking incredible moment that I will never forget, those memories are going to keep me happy for years.

Now I start to realize there is some kind of all-powerful force that watches over everything.

I must reach out more. Oh man, are you in for a TREAT.

It’s important to treasure those you love while you can. Don’t take anything in this life for granted.

I should be proud.

Well, the moment of truth. You will be shown who you really are.

I’m pretty fucking happy.

This will have a good ending. Like riding a kiddie ride, smiling and joking while doing it.

Doing something I love makes me happy and loving.

Strong emotions run through me, one hell of an emotional ride.

I will be healthy and have a good time.

I’ve laughed a lot.

I feel like home here, pretty god damn great to see.

All these things are what I want to be.

I feel happy and motivated, like I just crashed onto the planet.

I just can’t stop laughing. It was a glorious moment, pure ecstasy.

Jumping in full-force keeps me smiling and smirking every day.

I’m proud to have done my small part.

I’m extremely happy that I’m alive. Ecstatic, bordering on delirious. Fucking happy.

I feel that something very vivid and cool to look at is drawing me in.

I am so fucking happy. Words cannot express it.

Something echoing from the past makes me laugh harder and harder.

Love, power, peace and knowledge are desires that I can´t hold back.

I close my eyes in sweet bliss, probably the highest point in my life so far.

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