Self-Guided Meditation Three: Absolute Madman

A message imprinted on their minds might clear some things up.

All I need is a restful and pleasant day and a lot of possibility.

Attack at the right moment as long as your life’s purposes are the reason.

Back home after a long time and on their mind.

Been great so far because it was funny as hell.

Build yourself up by just showing up.

Chasing the essence to completion could never have been easier.

Damn right I am dreaming tonight.

Develop discipline you didn’t know existed.

Dragging around devastating strikes like a trophy drives the obsession.

Enjoy all eyes on your effective attacks.

Expand your awareness even if it breaks.

Explore easygoing energy every night before bed.

Feels so close to figuring out who you are.

Follow me ‘til the end of the frontier for a first look.

Found this floating in a little circle.

Fuck it’s fun to be around us when we flex and fight back.

Game of life is a goddamned goldmine.

Get on board with me crushing the craziest performances like clockwork.

Grow hot like a trophy buck thrashing through the halls.

A heads-up has been set in motion.

I actively hunt them down against tide.

I am somebody in my veins.

I can’t even keep a straight face when you see me cracking up.

I feel it coming in the room where it happens.

I’m genuinely impressed at how you’ve got me wide open.

I’ve got a decent handle on incredible results.

It’s never over because I won’t give up.

Keep getting away with different kinds of dreams.

Let go of the end result and let it roll like a best friend.

Make friends to reveal more of you.

Nobody sleeps through our new approach.

One great big merciless and unstoppable force is on the loose.

Passion and always a lot of chemistry pump up people instantly.

Pick me to pull this type of thing off successfully.

Release a rush of raunchy reflection.

Set standards of self-control.

Spend time sweating it out with someone like me.

Stand back in stupefaction at what you’ve got.

Start feeling stronger than you’ve ever been.

The idea just won’t leave my head: to take this moment and try not to laugh.

Unapologetic understanding uplifts us.

Visit vast and plentiful valleys, they are very cute and nice.

You guessed right: I’ll gladly do it.

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