Self-Guided Meditation Two: Create Meaning

Active meditation accelerates self-healing.

I’m accepting myself as bad as I want to breathe.

Aspire to something higher as your relationship deepens.

A heart full of love actually guides me.

Make your own universe at all times.

Bouncing back from the edge is the best thing about me.

I benefit from joining a team because I seek the truth.

Been waiting for believers in meaning to be by my side.

The cosmic hierarchy convinced me of its awesomeness.

Crafters of positive power create with thought.

Choose your thoughts by contemplating your own mind.

Don’t quit devoting your life to deep conversation.

I am dedicated to incarnating love and do it daily.

Easy magic expresses my personal experience.

I enjoy an energizing effect thinking every moment is precious.

Find something to admire from Earth to the end of the universe.

Focus on your life and a feeling of oneness.

Firmly rooted means full of love and stability.

Genuine spiritual power gave me the knowledge and the courage to get better habits.

Get connected at that level with someone and give your life meaning.

We can change ourselves completely because beliefs create reality.

A heroic dose of healing myself lets me become limitless.

We are happy in life and live a great life.

I’ve always heard it’s not over yet.

It’s time for an inner awakening.

Journey within just like that.

Just between us, this is just the beginning.

Keep going to know yourself fully.

Life goes on and on and I love life so much.

Live a focused life to live your best life.

Self-control techniques make life more interesting.

Now it’s our responsibility to fix it and there’s no turning back.

Never back down and never give up.

Own your own fate.

Pure joy presents a place for you in the moment.

People like me will notice the light in you.

Resist the urge to quit.

I am stranded deep and safe everywhere.

The universe speaks directly to me every day.

Seeing people’s lifespans showed me something higher.

The surprising and meaningful answer is soothing and relaxing.

Strength and beauty stare down eternity.

I share the journey with someone I can talk to.

Thoughts create true confidence.

Test your fluency conveying the message to others about the point of living.

Try everything and tell me how you feel.

Take me with you and make me laugh.

Use your own mind to do useful things.

We become what we think about, so who are you?

When you smile with confidence, your whole nervous system is pulsing with energy.

Create meaning and power with your thoughts.

Your deepest purpose is to become what you think about.

You are already taking the first step and have plenty of access.

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