Sentence All The Leftists To Die

Hello dear readers.  The purpose of the creation of this website and blog is to continue the work that I began on YouTube during my 2017 vlog.  To process some of the problems going on in my life, I made YouTube videos nearly every day during 2017.  A general conclusion I now draw from that process is that some of the narrative problems that I am wrestling with are larger than myself.  On my vlog, I struggled to articulate my place in life after working under some of the most corrupt pieces of shit in New Orleans.  Unfortunate, happenstance contact with criminal individuals like Irvin Mayfield in the workplace shattered the serious professional trajectory I spent time and effort building for myself.

Now, in 2018, I hope to think of a way to help my website take the place of my vlog.  YouTube has a lot of pros and cons.  A major theme that emerged from my experience posting was that some content is especially heavily censored and regulated.  In particular, I am bothered by the highly moralizing logic that organizes YouTube regulation in general.

Long story short, I am still super angry and fucking aggro at the communist Marxist fucks who waltz into the United States and proceed to shit it up like the cesspool they just left like Miranda Restovic. Also, fuck antifa and fuck all leftists.  Sentence all the Leftists to die.

In order to deal with my ongoing rage and deep misanthropy, I am going to start writing some nice happy little advertising copy about Adrienne’s Based Priesthood.  So, come on down and hear about the amazing features and benefits of Adrienne’s Based Priesthood.  You’re sure to love it!


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