Throwback 2017 Blog Videos | The Battle of New Orleans and More

Hi, guys.  I’m tinkering with my website and testing out posting different types of videos.  Check out three of my old videos. First, I’m posting this old video from Chalmette National Cemetery.   The “Battle of New Orleans” was an entire campaign and not a single battle.  It’s story is underrated and fascinating!  I hope to bring you more content about the Battle of New Orleans and the War of 1812 in the future.  For now, please enjoy a brief tour of Chalmette National Cemetery from my old vlog focusing on free things to do in New Orleans.



And here is video featuring some Mardi Gras festivities!  Some of my Mardi Gras tourism advice is to visit the starting point of parades about 30 minutes or so before they roll.  As I show in this video of a very fun parade called Krewe du Vieux, it gives you a chance to view each float at your own pace.  If you’re a photography buff, it’s a great time to take pictures of the floats’ details.  Parades tend to move at a very “chaotic” pace in general is how I would put it.  They start and stop.  They sometimes get stuck and the pauses can be rather long.


Finally, here is some food for thought on a serious subject: the firing of tenured LSU professor Teresa Buchanan.

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